-- <nowiki>
local p = {}
local lut = {
	["strength"] = "[[File:Icon legends strength.svg|x16px|link=Strength (Legends)]] [[Strength (Legends)|Strength]] ",
	["str"] = "[[File:Icon legends strength.svg|x16px|link=Strength (Legends)]] [[Strength (Legends)|Strength]] ",
	["intelligence"] = "[[File:Icon legends intelligence.svg|x16px|link=Intelligence (Legends)]] [[Intelligence (Legends)|Intelligence]] ",
	["int"] = "[[File:Icon legends intelligence.svg|x16px|link=Intelligence (Legends)]] [[Intelligence (Legends)|Intelligence]] ",
	["willpower"] = "[[File:Icon legends willpower.svg|x16px|link=Willpower (Legends)]] [[Willpower (Legends)|Willpower]] ",
	["wil"] = "[[File:Icon legends willpower.svg|x16px|link=Willpower (Legends)]] [[Willpower (Legends)|Willpower]] ",
	["agility"] = "[[File:Icon legends agility.svg|x16px|link=Agility (Legends)]] [[Agility (Legends)|Agility]] ",
	["agi"] = "[[File:Icon legends agility.svg|x16px|link=Agility (Legends)]] [[Agility (Legends)|Agility]] ",
	["endurance"] = "[[File:Icon legends endurance.svg|x16px|link=Endurance (Legends)]] [[Endurance (Legends)|Endurance]] ",
	["end"] = "[[File:Icon legends endurance.svg|x16px|link=Endurance (Legends)]] [[Endurance (Legends)|Endurance]] ",
function p.slider(frame)
	local result = '<gallery type="slider">\n'
	result = result .. 'Will Turner arrested on his wedding day.jpg|Will Turner|link=The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim|linktext=A remastered version of Skyrim will be in stores on October 28th.\n'
	result = result .. 'Will Blacksmith Shop COTBP.png|The Elder Scrolls: Legends|link=The Elder Scrolls: Legends|linktext=The newly announced upcoming game from Bethesda and Dire Wolf.\n'
	result = result .. '</gallery>\n'
	return frame:preprocess(result)
return p

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